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Drunken Butterfly is..

We are jølle, kenneth and laurence (in alphabetical order). We make nice music, we make beautiful noise. We have friends, not fans. Our memetic selves have killed god. We host irregular basement club nights. You can listen to us here:

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19.04.2012 Incase you hadn't noticed there has been new episodes of The Drunken Butterflies (at least two). There has also been a Drunken Butterfly gig, but even a member of the band missed that one, so you are excused. Comics are available by clicking 'comic' in the list of words at the top of the page. Photographs from gigs are available by clicking 'photos/gigs' in the list of words at the top of the page. Other forms of sustenance can be found at your local supermarket.

We'd also like to welcome the Sock Puppets into the cosy world of semi-fictional graphical beings - we wish you well in all your heroinic endeavours!

29.02.2012 Because none some of you didn't drink enough beers at Intentional Bum #4, we'll just have to go another round on this one! Your mission, should you choose to etc etc, is to finish off the beers that the bums failed to drink. Important information written very small in whacky colours:

Unfortunately you'll have to listen to Drunken Butteryfuck again, or whatever it is we're called, and also some other people too, but that's half the fun. For us, at least. And if you disagree then please go ahead and organise your own bum party, because we'd like that too probably. Beers! Bums! Beautiful! Free Entry! 10th March!

09.02.2012 This weekend Drunken Butterfly will again be your hosts for the long anticipated much awaited overly under-hyped Club 4 The Bum Intentional (Festival Edition). It may seem late notice to be telling you this only now, but if you hadn't heard about it yet, not least from the event page, then you are obviously in no position to come anyway.

Here is a poster to remind you of how much we like Lisa's bum cheeks:

Intentional bum, get it?

All usual rules apply - 20dkk entrance, beer for 10dkk, awesome bands, lovely people, amazing fun.

This time we'll be sharing the stage with the likes of Årabrot ("We won the Norwegian Grammy in best matal [sic] album for Solar Anus"), LSD on CIA (returning again because they love it so much last time), Machinery of Joy (um, shortlisted for Roskilde Pavillion Junior), Ninja Power Boys (travelling all the way from Germany), Halal Bambi, Tøsen, Battle Bosanova, The Rosa Riot (presuming we sent them to Studenterhuset in the correct city), Birthgiving Toad, Nat og Gal, and all of the rest of you.

Come and be bummish! Come and show the world that we still remember how to have fun! And come early, because Drunken Butterfly will be opening the party at 9pm sharpish, and we'll be premiering all new material!

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Latest record:

We've too much love and energy for just one band, so this year (to save us from tears) we've split our lack of talent three ways to bring you a triple split compilation record of awe and doom - fucking awe and doom. The syncopated jingle jargle of Drunken Butterfly is ever present, popped and refined and sexed up like never before, but now the sound is backed up by the kraut disco thumpings of Französisch Ist Sexy and the dying roar of the Final Mammoth exploding and burning to the shore of New Jersey.

The New Untitled Triple Split CD

Drunken Butterfly

1. Love the Sound of War
2. 1000 Lightyears
3. Kjyddkagår i Chicago

Französisch Ist Sexy

4. I Wannabe (snus doggie dog)
5. You=Me
6. Annoying Lover
7. No York

Project Hindenburg

8. (a mass of smoking wreckage)
9. Final Mammoth

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favourite noise: UFOs
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date: 16.03.2014

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